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LUISAMARIA HERNANDEZ is a Dominican-American soprano vocalist and storyteller based in Boston. Her commitment to community building and connection have made curated recitals, operas, and writing key parts of her art making. Luisamaria has made Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish art music the center of her storytelling and performance practice. Highly anticipated engagements include her librettist debut in “Prisoner of Mercy”, in which she sings the role of Broken. Recently, she sang her debut recital as an Emerging Artist with Florida Lyric Opera and sang in “Le Damnation du Faust” with BYSO. Recital engagements in Florida, Boston, and Santo Domingo round out her season. Her experiences as a Sphinx Connect Fellow and Sistema Side-by-Side Instructor have been integral to her work as she strives to tell stories that will reach those who need it most.

Luisamaria is an Artist fellow at the St. Joseph Home for Artisans where she performs and mentors resident artists to develop their artitstry and community engagement. Her passion for exploring ways to connect has led her to a performance practive that is varied, with operatic engagements, recitals, and performance art at the core of her season.

Upcoming engagements in Boston and Santo Domingo will give Luisamaria the opportunity to explore her roots and commitment to storytelling as she takes a hands-on approach in the curation and creation of programs. 

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